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For more than 10 years we have been helping pop venues, clubs, festivals and organisations with nightlife advice, concept development and event programming.

Our customers and partners



Op Dreef Festival

We help Op Dreef Festival with booking the complete artist line-up. This popular festival in Reuver has the ambition to grow into an event with supraregional appeal among young people between 20 and 35 years old. The challenge is that the line-up has to have a good balance between commercially known artists, emerging acts and cool regional talents.


ECI Cultuurfabriek

We provide the dance programming for Poppodium ECI Cultuurfabriek. This includes managing the agenda, maintaining contacts with external organizers and booking distinctive artists who in a broader sense fit within the vision of ECI Cultuurfabriek. Our knowledge of the dance scene and our network among organizers come in handy here.

Beachclub Degreez Panheel evenementen

Beachclub Degreez

This award winning event venue in Panheel is highly regarded when it comes to corporate events and weddings. The setting on the water is unique. During the summer months, incidental parties are therefore organized by external organizers. How do you seperate good from best if you have no experience in the dance scene whatsoever? We monitor and manage the nightlife agenda of Beachclub Degreez.

Thunder Agency Warner Music Benelux ADA logo

ADA / Warner Music Benelux

Our hearts beat faster with musical talent. Ever since the start of Thunder Agency, we have been involved in the start-up of careers of talented DJ/producers. Thanks to a collaboration with Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA) / Warner Music Benelux, we can now release music on one of our own labels and thus offer young and established talent a stage. The collaboration also strengthens the profile of existing event concepts, such as Disco Tropicana, by using the music as extra marketing value for the events.


39 is fine

One night, 40 years of hits! You are never too young or too old to paint the town red. We know all about it, and that’s why we developed 39 IS FINE: an evening out for everyone aged 40+ or a little younger. The best hits & forgotten gems from 40 years of music history: at 39 IS FINE, you can hear it all. This concept was developed to attract an older target group to ECI Cultuurfabriek and can now be booked for pop venues throughout the country.


At The Villa Group

Unique, sexy, sophisticated. The high-class club events of At The Villa Group started in a luxury villa in the hills near Maastricht and quickly grew into an organization with various concepts in various exclusive castles, caves, theatres and luxury houses. For ten years At The Villa Group was an unmissable factor in the nightlife of the Eu region. Artists such as Lucas & Steve, Deepend and Roul & Doors started their careers there.

Disco Tropicana case

Disco Tropicana

Hands in the air, head in the clouds, sun in the sphere! Disco Tropicana is one of the nicest travelling concepts in the Netherlands and Belgium. Expect the best disco, groovy house and funky pop from then and now. Booked by Solar Weekend, Op Dreef, Paaspop Xtra, Kuipvrees (De Kuip Rotterdam), Zomertuin Eindhoven, Paperclip Festival, ECI Cultuurfabriek, Muziekgieterij, 90s Forever, Pop On Top, Castle Of Love, Off The Mill, Beachclub Baouzza & Beachclub Degreez .


Music is the answer

Young people from youth care institutions are a forgotten target group during the corona pandemic. Especially in the first lockdown of 2020, they were not allowed to leave their institutions and thus had to deal with boredom, loneliness and the resulting problems. With Music Is The Answer, we joined the forces of several organizers – also affected by the pandemic – and organized school playground parties at various youth care institutions in the Maastricht area.


Oude Bekenden

Oude Bekenden is an intimate outdoor party for the public from Heerlen and the surrounding area. Located next to a historic square farm, in the shadow of an apple orchard, a fairytale terrain is created where you can escape from the daily worries for a day. We were involved in the development of this concept, which in a few years has become the most popular dance event in the region. We still support the organization with booking the line-up.


Beachclub Baouzza

When this popular Belgian beach club moved to a location close to the Dutch border, it was only logical that they also wanted to appeal to audiences from the Netherlands. But how do you do that? Despite the fact that we speak the same language, the nightlife culture in Belgium is different from the culture in the Netherlands. We helped the beach club organize its own events and attract Dutch concepts that fit within Baouzza’s DNA.


3FM Serious Request

When the circus around 3FM Serious Request settled in Heerlen, the city was completely turned upside down. This came at a time when Lucas & Steve’s careers also took an unstoppable flight to the top. For example, together with Spinnin Records & Music All Stars Management, we organized the first—and sold out within 10 minutes—Skyline Sessions by Lucas & Steve in pop stage Nieuwe Nor.


King's Day Maastricht

When the organization of King’s Day Maastricht knocked on our door for help, it was immediately clear that not only a good line-up would make the difference. When it comes to positioning, the event no longer matched what young people want. We developed a complete re-branding, launched a marketing campaign and eventually had more than 8000 visitors dance at the market in Maastricht and the MECC a year later.


Organice - Laurentius Hospital

Event agency Organice asked whether we wanted to come up with a festival experience for the two-day staff party at the Laurentius Hospital in Roermond. Not only did we provide the line-up, but we also came up with the concept of ‘Laurentiusland’ with our own artwork, different areas and a varied line-up filled with top artists in the dance, pop, the nineties, jazz and party scene.

Hs zuid

Zuyd Hogeschool

At the opening of the new Zuyd Hogeschool building in Sittard, called ‘Ligne’, we provided the line-up for the opening festival, which was held at an outdoor location. We chose a diverse line-up of top artists from the house, EDM and hip-hop scene, taking into account the popularity of these artists among the college students.


Maastricht University

For several years in a row, we provided the line-up for Maastricht University and Werkgroep INKOM for one of the largest student introduction weeks in the Netherlands. We worked closely with a group of students from the Werkgroep INKOM and helped to book artists with national and international allure for parties at locations such as the market, the city park and the MECC.


Castle of Love 2018

The popular dance festival Castle Of Love was looking for a dance programmer because the entrepreneurs behind the festival were slowly ready for a new challenge. Rejuvenating the audience, broadening genres and improving positioning were the keywords of the assignment. The completely renewed line-up and marketing resulted in a 30% increase in visitors and ultimately the successful sale to a new owner.

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