Nightlife concepts, programming and advice

The night is our passion and electronic music in particular. After years of organizing various events for pop venues and clubs, we officially founded our booking agency Thunder Agency in 2012.

From there we saw artists break through and become worldwide stars from up close. We saw music styles come and go. We booked artists in all electronic genres: from house to hip-hop, from pop to techno, from hard style to EDM and more. We sat on all sides of the table: as an organizer, booker, artist, promoter, and visitor.

From dance halls to mega festivals. From offline to the web. From record store to Spotify.

We are now developing completely new entertainment concepts for various clients in the Netherlands and Belgium. We also provide event locations, festivals, pop venues, discotheques, and organizations with nightlife advice, good line-ups and striking programming.

As a client, do you want to go even deeper? Then we also organize the complete branding, marketing, and advertisement through our own concept marketing agency REACTIVATORS.