Music, That’s where it starts.

Music, that is how our profession begins and ends. No music, no fun, no festivals, no dance industry. That is why we have been working with talented dance and pop producers since the start of Thunder Agency, some of whom have now broken through to international top artists. We still get excited when we find a potential hit or forgotten gem. Just as excited as we used to be, when we took our first steps in the nightlife as DJs.

ADA / Warner Music Benelux

Through a collaboration with distribution partner ADA / Warner Music Benelux we release music from talented acts. In this way we support the artist in building his or her profile or career. We are also strengthening our Disco Tropicana nightlife concept with our own music label.

Wave Cave Studios

Thanks to a partnership with Wave Cave Studios, we organize studio sessions, produce ghost productions and compose advertising music for external clients. Our songs can be heard on the radio regularly. From custom theme songs for festivals, to jingles for commercials, our producers have hit experience.

Curious about what we can do for you musically? Contact us!